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About us

Suzhou Hengmei Electron Technology Inc.  was established in May 20, 2009. The registered capital is 12 million. It is located near the ancient town of Tongli. The company provides the new energy power battery pack, FPC collection board and the new energy vehicle "three power" control device, which is located near the ancient town of Tongli. The omni directional service is the leading comprehensive solution for new energy vehicles.

At present, the company has a building area of about 6 thousand square, with more than 200 employees, and has a high level R & D team composed of more than 20 people, including doctor, master and famous technical experts, and more than 30 engineering and quality management teams. It can provide the whole car factory with the whole solution of the electronic control system from the "three electricity" controller to the assembly line harness. Plan.

The company and Southeast University and other well-known colleges and universities carry out extensive and in-depth cooperation in production, study and research, build a master's graduate research workstation, and establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with a number of national "Millennium Project" experts from the European and American vehicle plants to meet the new energy vehicle era with mature, advanced and reliable technology. The whole coming.

The company now has more than twenty national patents, and has obtained several certifications and honors such as IATF16949, soft work, high quality, high quality, safety standardization and so on.

The overall manufacturing level of the company is in the leading level of the industry, with the Department of electronics, assembly and wiring harness, with a full automatic patch assembly workshop and a wire harness injection molding workshop. It has more than ten sets of high precision mounting machines, printing presses, automatic terminal crimping machines and high-precision inspection equipment.

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